Homepages of Intellectual Property Law Firms

http://www.patentattorneys.ch P&TS

http://pof.com.au    Phillips Ormonde & Fitzpatrick

http://patents.com     Oppendahl & Larson

http://www.frei-patent.com        Frei Patentanwaltsbüro

http://www.copyright.ch   Brem & Borer 

http://www.rosenich.com  Rosenich

http://www.chinantd.com   China NTD Intellectual Property

http://www.patentfirm.de/   Kuhnen & Wacker

http://www.hepnet.de    Hoffmann & Eitle - Patent Attorneys and Attorneys at Law
http://www.bpmlegal.com/index.html  Brown, Pinnisi, & Michaels, PC

http://home.t-online.de/home/pathh/pathh.htm Patentanwaelte Hosenthien-Held und Dr. Held


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